Roadside Assistance

It's important to be prepared on the road. When you're driving, you never know what might come up and cause you to need something like an emergency kit. You may never run into a situation that requires you to use one, but it's better to prepare for the "what if" situations. There can be a range of accidents or road hazards that might come up on the road. Being prepared in the case of an unforeseen breakdown is smart. The items in a roadside assistance kit can provide assistance before additional assistance is available. Depending on the nature of the problem, with the items in the kit, you may not even need to call for backup. Items in a kit can vary, but can include anything from tire plugs to jumper cables to a first aid kit. Having things like flares and traffic cones can come in handy as well so you can alert other drivers of the situation. You can build your own roadside assistance kit to allow you to choose what you need. You can also invest in a roadside assistance kit that is already put together for you. Whatever the case, we have a variety of items that will be helpful for you here at Jaguar Paramus. Shop our selection today.

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First Aid Kit
Part Number: T4N9157
Other Names: Kit-First Aid More Names
Replaces: C2A1070, C2A1287
Description: Treat minor injuries with this comprehensive first aid kit.. More Info
  • Jaguar:
    • XF

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